Asset Management

Lynx UK Ltd provides a full inventory service which results in the early identification of unwanted assets. Using our extensive expertise we advise how to realise the best return from these and give you the maximum benefit.

  •   Using our state of the art scanning equipment and our customised inventory programmes we quickly establish your holdings so that we can use our operating experience to identify your needs. This right-sizing exercise produces a list for disposal, and the cost of the process is covered by the income generated. The optimised stock holdings allow you to make further savings by reducing storage needs and preventing excessive stock maintenance. So you win-win!

  • Inventory Service.  Following on from the identification of surplus stock above we will undertake action on your behalf  to do one of the following:

  • Disposal

Re-use: Within your own organisation.

Re-sell: Realising the best value from the redundant assets

Re-Cycle: Recouping material value and contributing to your green credentials.

We offer you a comprehensive service including:

  • A contract for a life-cycle management service, or;

  • A bespoke contract for such services as switch de-installations, POP clearance and re-instatement, and warehouse clearances, or;

  • An offer to Purchase.

And does this work well? Don’t take it from us but see some examples of our work with what our customers say:

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