Resale / ECI DCME DTX600



The DTX-600 Compression Gateway is a high-capacity multi-service, multi-rate voice and data compression system, designed to be able to serve as a network optimization platform in diverse network applications and end-user environments. The DTX-600 Gateway can simultaneously compress toll quality voice, fax, Voice Band Data (VBD), native data (for example,V.35), and signaling. The DTX-600 Gateway enables improved transmission media efficiency and helps achieve maximum bandwidth utilization and Quality of Service (QoS) for traffic payloads.Utilizing leading-edge technologies and techniques, such as the 8 kbps CS-ACELP algorithm, End-to-End Compression (EtEC), and the SPRINGS Micro-packets model, the DTX-600 Gateway can serve as a high-capacity multi-service circuit multiplication platform or can provide end-to-end service concentration. 


The systems were fully tested prior to de-installation and were removed with all inter-cabinet cables intact.   The equipment is now available for sale from our UK warehouse and comes with full warranty!

Also in stock at Lynx we have the  DTX-360 DCME  - Transmits speed, voice band data, and fax over up to 360 trunk channels, and provides a compression ratio of up to 10:1 for speech, and up to 6:1 for fax using standard or non-standard protocols.  - Supports ITU-T G/728-compliant LD-CELP mode and Rev3 (ADPCM) mode.  - Supports VBR (Variable Bit Rate) operation which is used when a bearer channel becomes congested.  - ITR-T Q.50-compliant data link interface and dynamic clear channel assignment.  - Multi-clique mode and multi-destination mode   DTX240 DCME   In addition to the DTX360 DCME systems, we also hold in stock 3 complete sets of spares for the ECI DTX240 DCME. For a full list of our DTX240 inventory please email [email protected] or call the sales office on +44 1264 337 444