Telecoms Asset Management

Inventory Service

Lynx UK Ltd provides a full inventory service for accurate identification and appraisal of your out-of-service systems.

Our Proprietary WMS system with integrated CLEI lookup ensures streamlined and accurate cataloguing of inbound inventory.  All parts are tracked by serial number from the moment they come through the door, enabling us to provide a full audit trail for each and every item received and per-project reporting.

CRM, market and client usage data enables us to make an informed recommendation for dimensioning of consigned inventory, allowing our clients to reduce their dependence on space for sparing, prevent excessive stock maintenance and - through accurate appraisal - generate the best possible revenue return from unwanted assets.

Asset Resale and Disposal

Asset Resale and Disposal

We have over 900 customers across all regions, 10+ years’ worth of CRM data and a sales team with over 50 years of combined experience in the telecoms industry.  Our aim is to reuse or resell as much as possible, approaching WEEE recycling as a last-resort option where there is little or no demand in the wider market.

Where items have been identified for recycling we manage the whole process in a bespoke programme agreed with you. This will involve:

  • Full compliance with WEEE directives.
  • Best disposal method for the asset including separation of rare metals to ensure maximum return for clients.
  • Full audit of the process including duty of care certification.
  • Highly experienced and qualified staff and partners.

Our WEEE recycling system ensures that all waste is recycled by our partner company in the UK. We break down items before recycling or destruction so that the maximum value is attained. Duty of Care paperwork is provided for all collections and fully audited records are maintained so that clients can rest in the knowledge that all disposal has been carried out fully and legally.

For further details of our certifications, please visit our approvals page.

Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing and Logistics

Lynx currently operates 50,000 sq. ft. of secure warehousing and runs a fleet of engineers’ vehicles capable of carrying out collections across the UK and Europe.

Through our logistics partners we utilise vehicles ranging from 7.5 tonne through to 45 tonne articulated Hiab lorries capable of supporting all our client needs. The Lynx project teams ensure a seamless service from beginning to end in order to ensure client satisfaction.



Our services are designed to be complimentary, coming together to form a complete solution for engineering, reverse-logistics and asset disposal in support of large-scale network closures.

Sometimes, maybe due to the scope of work, time constraints, or other factors, we realise that creation of an all-encompassing MSA might not be the easiest solution.  In these cases we are happy to tailor an offering to suit your particular needs and can provide our services under Ad Hoc, project specific agreements.

We are also able to make offers to purchase redundant equipment, if an immediate financial return is preferred.

Please contact us to learn more about what we can offer.