Investment Recovery

Good quality telecom equipment has a long lifespan and is in much demand around the UK and the world. We have an extensive data base of over 400 clients including network Operators, Re-sellers, and OEMs, and have sold equipment across the UK, wider within Europe, China, and in the Americas.  

We carry an extensive inventory with over 5000 line items, and 54 000 components in stock in a typical week. Our well served storage allows rapid access to components which gives us an excellent record at turning around customer requests. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our stock lists, and combined with our reputation for integrity, our customers can have full confidence in the quality, provenance, reliability, and performance of our stock.  

As a selling client you can take full advantage of our confidential sales tracking programme to monitor the progress of your items through the process. You can even watch a live-link to the driver of the vehicle delivering your goods! 

Specifically we offer:

  • A Quality Service: Low return rate; Full ISO accreditation; Audit trail of stock movements
  • Experienced Staff: decades of work in the industry.
  • Responsive: A rapid response to requests for sales, with same day despatch for over 90% of all orders for in stock items
  • Flexible: We deal in orders from cards to systems, and packages to containers.
  • International: Our client base includes EMEA, USA, South America, Russia and China.
  • Comprehensive: We offer a cradle to grave service handling installs de-stalls, spares maintenance and disposals.
  • Fair Prices: With low overheads we are committed to giving you the best return for your items.