Site Closure Services

Lynx UK offers a full site closure service which includes telecommunication asset recovery, safe de-installation and recovery of mechanical and electric equipment such as air cooling systems, fire suppressant systems, generators and fuel tanks.

We offer a full dilapidations service including demolition or reinstatement of internal and external walls, removal or reinstatement of shutters, ceilings, flooring, making good, and painting and decorating. Our decommissioning and closure service is carried out by a group of experienced engineers who fully manage the site and ensure a seamless execution.

Often, the telecommunications industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving requiring companies to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and their infrastructure. As such, companies often need to decommission and close down existing sites to make way for newer and more advanced facilities. Our team here at Lynx UK are highly skilled technicians with the knowledge and experience to enable them to handle a huge variety of telecommunications equipment in accordance with health and safety regulations.