Testing, Screening and Engineering Services

Testing, Screening and Engineering Services

Lynx are capable of testing & screening a range of platforms in house from the core Telecoms OEM’s. We also have strong relationships in place with our repair house partners, giving us the scope to test and repair nearly all telecoms equipment and associated products from core network resources to O&M equipment.

Our customers supply chain is very important to Lynx and we will work with them in accordance with a client-approved SLA that will increase cost efficiency over more conventional arrangements. We provide:

Standard screening of existing faulty units; using our market knowledge and technical expertise we then advise clients as to the best course of action.

Software load update and version checking services (subject to licence agreements).

In-house advance product replacement, from an inventory of over 25,000 tested items.

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Repair Avoidance Strategies

By utilising equipment recovered from our asset management and site recovery operations we are able to test and recertify equipment for reuse back into the clients network. This strategy allows us to delay or avoid the need to repair legacy components or platforms.

The budgetary advantage of the test, recertification and reuse of redundant equipment in support of legacy networks is substantial. 

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Test Radio

Radio Test and Repair

With a dedicated radio lab Lynx have the capability to test and screen a number of radio manufacturers equipment including:

  • Nera NL290
  • Nera Evolution
  • Siae G
  • Siae AL
  • Siae ALC+2e
  • DMC
  • Pcomm

Our engineers have developed Local Work Instructions (LWI) to cover all aspects of testing to ensure that units exiting the lab can confidently be returned to the field for either operation links of spares stock.

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Test Fixed line

Test and screen fixed line

 In our fixed line lab we have the capability to test and screen Networking, SDH and DWDM equipment from manufacturers:

  • Marconi
  • Ericsson
  • Nortel
  • Ciena
  • Cisco
  • Adva
  • STC

Each unit under test is subjected to specific tests designed to ensure the unit works within its original design specifications. The testing environment is ESD protected and temperature controlled.