Network Decommissioning Services

Network Decommissioning Services

At Lynx UK, we offer full turnkey services such as circuit and site migration, total network closure and decommissioning through to network platform retirement and recovery.

Every aspect of a project is carefully managed by our engineers, from fibre planning to client migration. We are committed to providing the best customer experience, providing out-of-hours coverage for pre-planned outages and fibre planning services.

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Inventory and Asset Recovery

To complement our engineering services, we provide a full telecom asset recovery service, including generation of RAMS and construction phase plans in line with CDM 2015 requirements.

A full serialised asset inventory list and weights of recovered equipment is supplied after the project.

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Site Closure Services

Our full site closure service includes telecommunication asset recovery, safe de-installation and recovery of mechanical and electric equipment such as air-cooling systems, fire suppressant systems, generators and fuel tanks.

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Telecoms Installations Services

Lynx UK is able to offer a full telecoms installation service, including installation of new and legacy systems.

We have experience of equipment such as Nortel DMS100 and Marconi System X switching and all types of transport and CPE equipment. Our engineering and planning teams provide a turnkey solution for switching systems, transport networks and customer endpoint solutions.

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Special Projects

Sometimes you need bespoke services for a special project. We accommodate special requests, having worked on projects including identifying unsupported client UPS systems, designing maintenance programs, carrying out battery inspections, and cell replacements.

Lynx will design a solution to help solve your problem, please call or email for further information.

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