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Ditech Networks QVP and OVP

Lynx UK Ltd Engineers recently completed the de-installation of a carrier site in London and have acquired 5 shelves of Ditech Networks Quad E1 Echo Cancellers loaded with 002-0252-02 Quad E1 120 Ohm echo cans. In addition we have 4 shelves of STM1 Optical Voice processors 001-0282-01 by Ditech Networks.

The equipment is available now, can be shipped same day from our UK warehouse and comes with full warranty

Ditech Networks Quad Voice Processor (QVP) optimizes and measures voice quality in real-time, on every phone call, in both directions for 2G and PSTN networks. QVP non-intrusively detects and eliminates problems from three sources that degrade voice quality:

  • Network-induced impairments
  • Impairments from callers’ devices
  • Impairments from the caller’s environment
  • Hybrid echo has been neutralized in PSTN networks

QVP supports 4x E1 interfaces in a single-card form factor. Different shelf options are available, supporting densities of 1-20 cards per shelf, with AC or DC power options to meet the needs of both enterprise and large carrier customers.