We carry an extensive inventory with over 5000 line items, and 54,000 components in stock in a typical week. Our well served storage allows rapid access to components which gives us an excellent record at turning around customer requests. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our stock lists, and combined with our reputation for integrity, our customers can have full confidence in the quality, provenance, reliability, and performance of our stock. 

We have a wide range of existing stock items as well as a very wide and diverse client base. With over 400 active clients including network operators, OEMs and re-sellers, and stocking typically over 54,000 items daily we are a first port of call for clients seeking quality goods at fair prices. We offer:

  • A large stock of good quality multi-vendor equipment
  • A better than 0.05% Returns Rate
  • Guaranteed provenance and title
  • Effective and rapid responses to all enquiries
  • Flexible solutions from single cards to whole systems