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Testing and Screening

Testing and Screening

Testing, Screening and Engineering Services

Lynx are capable of testing & screening a range of platforms in house from the core Telecoms OEM’s. We also have strong relationships in place with our repair house partners, giving us the scope to test and repair nearly all telecoms equipment and associated products from core network resources to O&M equipment.

Our customers supply chain is very important to Lynx and we will work with them in accordance with a client-approved SLA that will increase cost efficiency over more conventional arrangements.  We provide:

Standard screening of existing faulty units; using our market knowledge and technical expertise we then advise clients as to the best course of action.

Software load update and version checking services (subject to licence agreements)

In-house advance product replacement, from an inventory of over 25,000 tested items.

Engineering Services

Lynx’s team of fully qualified engineers have a comprehensive knowledge of legacy, present and emerging technologies, which enables us to deliver realistic advice and solutions to our customer base with regards to their existing network infrastructure, planned design and builds, or just technical support.