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Sample Case Studies

Sample Case Studies

Lynx UK Ltd : Sample Case Studies

Here are some examples of the types of contracts we have entered into with clients. The nature of the contract depends very much on what you the client is hoping to achieve, whether it is reduced cost of service, revenue generation or minimizing liabilities.

Case Study 1 – Asset Management/Investment Recovery Contract

Under contract, Lynx helped a major UK network operator to manage all their warehousing and surplus network assets.

Our first task was to validate the maintenance stock inventory over 3 warehouses and create an accurate inventory listing. This information together with new practice and procedures introduced with the help of Lynx UK resulted in an annual OPEX saving of in excess of £1.6m by ensuring that refurbished field return equipment was visible to the purchasing department.

We carried out more than 55 recoveries, including warehouse clearances, POP de-installations/site client premises equipment removals. We worked as an integral part of their organisation, taking instructions direct from field engineering, for example, an end user moved to another carrier and we visited six sites in one day, de-installing and collecting the redundant equipment. We returned some parts to our client for reuse, resold other components and recycled the batteries and cables, resulting in a net return to them.

In addition to the telecommunications equipment, and in order to provide a comprehensive service, we also dealt with any other waste they wished to dispose of. This ranged from warehouses full of redundant office IT equipment to 40 Tonnes of concrete trunking and fibre optic cable from a secure location and containers of used oil from satellite stations. All waste materials were disposed of using appropriately approved bodies, with a full audit trail of duty of care documentation.

We generated revenues for the client through the resale and recycle of excess inventory.

Handled over 10,000 items

Recycled over 100 Tonnes of equipment/waste

CASE STUDY 2 Bespoke Contract: Lynx provided a de-installation service and also paid a sum for the title to the assets recovered

We de-commissioned and de-installed an 8,000 sqft datacentre for a client in London, recovered all equipment and paid a significant sum to the client whilst carrying out the work FOC.  We gained title to the equipment to through the purchase which allowed us to resell or recycle as appropriate.

The equipment recovered included:

  • Nortel DMS100 1,500 E1
  • Nortel SPME
  • Alcatel 1641SX / 1660SM
  • ECI DTX360

In total Lynx removed from site in excess of 230 cabinets of equipment and returned to the site back to the Datacentre operator’s specification. The work was completed to the satisfaction of both the client and their landlord, within the timescales required (penalty clauses were in play).


CASE STUDY 3 Bespoke Contract: Equipment title for services

A carrier client of our wished to move out from a POP in Docklands but still had a number of years left on their lease. They also wished to minimise any dilapidations costs.

We found another client who took an assignment of the lease, together with all the network and switching and office equipment in lieu of the dilapidations costs. In consideration for the work we did, we acquired title to the equipment.

CASE STUDY 4 – Bespoke Contract : Equipment title for services

We de-installed a 6000 sqft POP in Harbour Exchange for a client who was moving their network away from TDM and whose lease was also coming to an end. We agreed a contract to carry out the work FOC on their behalf for the title of the Nortel DMS100 and Optera 4200 equipment. We provided them with an audit trail of all dispositions and certificate of destruction for all recycled components. We worked closely with the landlord’s representatives on site as all collections had to be carried out after 6pm. Again, both client and Landlord were happy with the quality of work carried out.

CASE STUDY 4 – Offer to Purchase

Lynx successfully won a competitive tender to purchase an OEM’s European B stock.  The equipment purchased included over 350 Nortel DMS100 cabinets of various types, 50 Euro Pallet boxes of DMS100 cards, 12 SPME racks, a complete passport 7000 network and various miscellaneous equipment. The equipment had to be removed from the Netherlands based warehouse and relocated to Lynx warehouse in Hampshire within tight timescales.